The Issues - Housing & Homelessness

Paula will be a champion to increase the supply of housing in California and help unsheltered residents get off the street. To solve California’s housing crisis, we must build more housing and ensure housing is affordable. We do not have enough affordable housing available to meet growing demand. Paula will support policies that promote infill development and make it easier to construct additional dwelling units on vacant lots of land. 


Across the state, the fastest-growing population among people experiencing homelessness is seniors. We must do more to prevent homelessness. As Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services, Paula worked to combat homelessness in California by supporting several critical and proactive housing and homelessness programs. This included the No Place Like Home Program, which provides supportive housing and health services for individuals experiencing homelessness, and Project Roomkey, which supplied shelter for unhoused individuals recovering from or at risk of  COVID-19. Additionally, investing in programs like the Housing and Disability Advocacy Program, which assists unsheltered residents with disabilities in locating housing and accessing benefits for which they are eligible, is important to preventing vulnerable neighbors from becoming homeless.


As a first-generation home-owner, Paula supports programs and policies that help hard-working families and individuals attain the California Dream of owning and retaining a home. We must expand programs that promote home ownership like the California Housing Finance Agency’s Forgivable Equity Builder Loan that provides first-time homebuyers with a zero percent loan of up to 10% of the purchase price of their home to cover the cost of a down payment and reduce monthly mortgages.

Paula is very proud to have the support of our first responders including our local firefighters, as well as the United Domestic Workers, SEIU California and AFSCME California People.