The Issues - Healthcare

Paula believes everyone deserves access to high-quality, affordable health care. The pandemic has demonstrated the crucial importance of universal access to health care services. Losing your job should not mean losing your health insurance, nor excessive medical costs. As a cancer survivor, Paula knows that access to affordable and high-quality health care is a life-or-death issue. As the Principal Consultant for the Assembly Health Committee, Paula helped craft and enact numerous bills to improve health care access in California. As Assistant Secretary of the California Department of Health and Human Services, Paula traveled throughout California to manage the state’s COVID-19 response. 


California’s healthcare system should provide high-quality healthcare to all residents and put patients first. To adequately meet the healthcare needs of our population, and as your State Senator, Paula will:

  • Invest in our health care workforce to meet our health care needs

  • Expand health care capacity to increase access for all

  • Ensure health care is affordable for all Californians 

  • Support efforts to bring down the skyrocketing increase in health care costs

  • Support behavioral and mental health needs of all Californians

  • Invest in programs and to assist people struggling with addiction and substance use

  • Ensure every Californian has the resources necessary to retire and age with dignity

Paula is proud to have the support of California’s nurses as well as our state and local firefighters.