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The Issues - Environment

Paula believes that everyone deserves access to clean air, clean water, and a safe environment. California faces a lot of challenges, and the climate crisis is one that must be addressed with urgency. The biggest environmental issues facing our community include poor air and water quality and adverse climate impact on forests and agricultural land. To address these challenges, we need to accelerate our state’s transition to renewable energy.


The ongoing threat of severe adverse weather and climate events, such as increasingly destructive forest fires, pose continual challenges to our state. The past two years have taught us that we need to be constantly vigilant about the risk of forest fires. As a State Senator, Paula will: 

  • Ensure we are working collaboratively with all land-management partners including the federal government to manage our land

  • Support efforts to actively manage and support prescribed burns across our state as a way to enhance our preparedness for wildfires

  • Invest in modernizing our power grid and power lines so they are better protected against wildfire damage

  • Invest in comprehensive and structural solutions to address statewide droughts and expand California’s water storage capacity

As a school board member, Paula has worked to rebuild aging facilities into new, greener facilities with reduced carbon footprints for many school sites. This has reduced the dependence on energy and brought down energy costs for San Juan USD schools that Paula oversees.


As Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services Agency, Paula coordinated direct support for communities impacted by fires or by long-term power loss events. She knows that these wide scale events have a significant impact on all of us, including our most vulnerable neighbors.