The Issues - Crime

Paula believes everyone deserves to feel safe in the communities where we work, live, and recreate. Paula is a firm believer in preventing crime by stopping it at its roots. Criminal activities are the result of multiple social, economic, cultural and family conditions – this includes poverty and social environments. The way to reduce crime is to invest more in our schools and communities to meet the needs of all children and families. Additionally, we must fund and support sensible programs that target and reduce the proliferation of criminal behavior in our community such as severe substance abuse and the lack of economic opportunities. 


It is critically important that law enforcement officials have the resources to pursue perpetrators and hold criminals accountable. This is particularly true with gun crimes. Though California has some of the toughest gun violence prevention laws in the United States, Paula supports providing more funding for law enforcement to target getting illegal guns off our streets, particularly ghost guns and unlicensed gun manufacturers. 

Paula is proud to be supported by our state and local firefighters and county social workers, and Mom’s Demand Action.